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Kristin Wenzel: Miraști and The Last Archive present:
Kristin Wenzel: Mira

21 December 2022, 2-5 p.m.

An installation at the Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life, in the village Siliștea Snagovului
Access: by car via DN1 or A3; by bus no. 446, departure from Piața Presei Libere, arrival at Pescari stop

The work draws a line between the Experimental Station and a semi-abandoned observatory in the remote city of Sonneberg, in Thuringia, in East Germany. The observatory in Sonneberg was famous for their research about variable stars. Variable stars are characterized by a slow change of light intensity, in a rhythm of 330 days. When it is bright, you can even see it with the eye, when it is faint, not even binoculars are enough to see it.

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SOCIETY OF SPECTACLES - public discussion

Monday, December 19th, 2022, 7 P.M.

tranzit. ro/Cluj, Napoca Street, no. 16, 1st. floor
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

[The event is held in Hungarian]

Society of the Spectacle - Discussion on the one of the most significant work of the European Leftist Tradition, the so called Second Communist Manifesto, The Capital of the new generation.

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Society Must be Defended - Debates on Arts and War with Youth

4-7th of December 2022
Iasi, Romania
Str. Sf. Atanasie, nr. 25 (GreenHouse)

A project by ULUS - Artist Union from Serbia (Belgrade), Začin Social Center (Belgrade), 1+1 / Iasi (Iasi) and Oberliht (Chisinău)
Guests: Vahida Ramujkic, Tijana Cvetković, Noa Treister, Maxim Polyakov, Vladimir Us, Arina Cazac, Ognjen Petrović, Nataša Bodrožić

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Results of Artist-in-Residence programme at Q21/MuseumsQuartier in Vienna in 2023

In 2023, we are pleased to host the following artists and curators in residence in Q21/MuseumsQuartier in Vienna:

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Cosmos Garden – the pilot episode

Cosmos Garden – the pilot episode

Planting workshop and discussions on biodiversity, with Georgiana Strat and Sabin Coscovelnita
Planting of Jatiwangi art Factory Embassy, with Adelina Luft

Saturday, 29 October 2022, 11 am – 6 pm

The Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life, Siliștea Snagovului

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Lectures on the Weather

Performance and fieldwork /

Contributors: Contributors: Sandra Muteteri Heremans, Klara Hobza, Marx Machines Inc. (Filip Herbert, Anna Olszewska) Goda Palekaitė, Delia Popa
Curator: Anna Smolak

30 September 2022, 13:30-20:00h
Where: Siliștea Snagovului and surroundings, Romania (various locations)

Just after the summer ends, around the Siliștea Snagovului village and the Snagov Lake, in an itinerary taking us to the Experimental Station for Research, where a group of friends created an experiment for a future that we can still shape, to the Dolce Vita boat and to Ceausescu’s palace, to an anonymous bridge and on a bus guiding us from nearby Bucharest, six artists, scientists and activists will choreograph lecture-performances seeking out different vantage points from which to open up a view of a fragment of the rapidly changing landscape.

Lectures on the Weather evokes unexpected solidarities and complex affairs (human, gender, interspecies, post-human). These emerge out of conflicted zones and inhabit transitory spaces. They voice the feminist perspective: the shift from traditional structures to self-organized, horizontal movements and networks; from silence to voice and sound acting, from absence to emergence. They acknowledge the radicality of the emotional and the vulnerable amidst (and against) the intensifying pressures of the public present.

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Now the Impulse is to Live! Edition Sofia

An exhibition organised in the frame of the project C4R (Cultures for Resilience), by, in collaboration with Atelier d'Architecture Autogérée (FR), Casco Art Institute (NL), Nethood (CH) and in partnership with Toplocentrala (BG).

2 – 17 September 2022
Toplocentrala, 5 Emil Bersinski Street, Sofia, Bulgaria
Opening: Friday, 2 September 2022, 6 p.m.

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2nd edition: Science, State and Society /

31.08 – 04.09. 2022
Location: Câmpu Cetății, Mureș County

The second edition of the yearly summer school Ecologies of Emancipation, organized by at Câmpu Cetății, Mureș County, will take place between August 31 and September 4, 2022 and will have as guiding theme the contemporary relations, tensions and interdependences between Science, State, and Society. As usual, the school aims to provide a meeting space and a catalyst for friendly but also qualified discussions between some of the most promising and relevant current research projects and theoretical perspectives from the broad field of social sciences, as so many potential resources for critique and political positioning in today's world.

This year’s edition aims to question the many faceted relations between science, state and society, as a crucial issue whose actuality can be declined on (at least) three axes: in our recent and ongoing past, as the particular modern constellations of science, state and society articulated by the political regimes and social formations of our last century; in the immediate present, as evidenced and dramatized in our current pandemic context with its political instrumentation of science and its corresponding growing social mistrust in both official science and politics; and finally, in our already present future, as the great reshuffling of the relation between science, society and politics urgently demanded by the climate crisis.

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The Artist-in-Residence Programme at MQ21/MuseumsQuartier in Vienna 2023

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS 2023 now open until September 18th, 2022 /

The Artist-in-Residence Programme at MQ21/MuseumsQuartier in Vienna is part of ERSTE Foundation’s educational program and its long-term endeavour to support contemporary art and to strengthen the situation of its creators, especially in the region of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The residence program is realized together with ERSTE Foundation’s long-time cooperation partners from tranzit, Igor Zabel Association and Kontakt Collection. Kontakt Collection collaborates with the Zagreb based WHW Akademija.

The residencies are designed for artists, curators and theoreticians from Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovak Republic and Slovenia working in the field of critical contemporary visual art to do research in their respective area.

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Summer Camp at Câmpu Cetății

28 July – 01 August, 2022

The summer camp Utopias of Solidarity 2022 has its focus on the activity of certain self-organized, politically engaged groups that were formed in the context of the intersectionality of multiple (financial, economic, ecological, migration, housing, care, political etc.) crises. By bringing together critical academic/professional approaches and practices based on the principles of solidarity and/or anticapitalism, we seek answers to the following questions: what utopia could mean for us today, or what can solidarity mean within our local context and environment of limited or scarce resources, but also to what possibilities for knowledge and resource alignment can we conceive in order to enable ourselves to cope on an everyday level with the effects of the aforementioned multiple crises that surround us?

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Arief Yudi Rahman/ Jatiwangi art Factory: The New Rural Agenda

Saturday, 23rd of July 2022, 5-8 p.m.

Discussion moderated by Adelina Luft, accompanied by dinner

The Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life, Silistea Snagovului

For documenta fifteen in Kassel, the Jatiwangi art Factory has developed the New Rural Agenda—a transnational summit among rural community networks. The summit was preceded by the New Rural School, a series of knowledge and narrative exchanges in the form of conferences, amateur radio talks, and the Bulletin Rural School. It emphasized diverse perspectives from below and peripheries, challenging uniform ideas of progress and sustainability.

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Lectures on the Weather

Residency of curator Anna Smolak in Bucharest /

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