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Prosper Center AW16

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Launch of the new collection: Saturday, 16th of April 2016, 7:30 pm

Venue: Sala Judo a Sălii Polivente, Palat Street no. 2, Iași

“Your body is a precarious financial instrument. Your heartbeat is measured, your choices are monitored and ranked, your future behavior is calculable, monetizable and further looped into existence. You are a mathematical depiction of flows, aggregate data in a continuous present. Get ready for the ultimate transaction.

For its street wear and fighting gear inspired collection, Prosper Center mixes stock market data patterns with decorative warrior motifs, symbols of a desired power to appropriate the opponent’s strength. Various textures and patterns combine into a representation of the human-data-animal assemblage, marking the body as an intersection of techno-organic streams.” (Prosper Center)

The latest project produced by tranzit. ro/ Iași is a street wear collection by Prosper Center. 7 different models, 3 sizes, 155 items; are all part of a fluid production between Iași and Bucharest over the last 3 months.

What our drive was, is difficult to precisely point out, because so many interests have met through this process: economical strategies, support structures, industrial past, resource aesthetics, an under recognized contemporary textile community, textile education industry, IASITEX’s heritage and so on. Much more was discovered by doing it and much less was to be acknowledged if only researched and displayed.

Iași is a Romanian city formerly known for its textile industry. The 1990’s marked the fall of a socialist type economy in Romania and determined the profound transformation/alteration of the local infrastructure. Most factories have disappeared or have been privatized, consequently leading to an atomized invisible industry ruled by the market economy, where all individuals, communities or professionals are altered to meet its needs. Practicalities related to the specificity of producing a small fashion collection (human resources, timing, technological process, efficiency and costs control) may draw a map of the contemporary resources in Iași, a map that embarked us on processes of negotiating outside all existing industries or domains protocols.

The Autumn and Winter 2016 collection by Prosper Center is a project that worked with and transformed us as producers for contemporary culture, but will continue manifest itself on random streets that follow once again invisible networks of coincidences and market driven intentions.

Prosper Center is a fashion brand which focuses on a tight cross-informed mix of global and local street wear. The pieces of clothing are not simply decorative body wraps, they incorporate and reflect on the moment in time in which there are produced. Beyond an imperative to be exotic, its aim is to become un-localizable, as much a hybrid of contradictory and cross-cultural streams of information as ourselves.

Produced by tranzit. ro/ Iași
Curators: Livia Pancu and Florin Bobu & 1+1
Mix: Adda Kaleh
Photo: Cosmin Grădinariu
Performers: Adelin Bogleş, Chivu Jugan, Irene Nica, Emilia Şteţ
Thanks: Alexandra Pirici, Mihaela Iojan, Cezar Lăzărescu, Anca Matei, Andrei Timofte, Alex Tărnăuceanu, Jesse McKee, Mihai Apostu, Alexandru Cişman, Adina Stoleriu, Mihai Pricop