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A play by Mihaela Drăgan and Mihai Lukacs

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014, 7 pm București, Str. Gazelei, nr. 44, sector 4

With: Mihaela Drăgan, Gabriela Dumitru, Marian Dumitru, Claudiu Eremia, Cristina Eremia, Alexandrina Fieraru, Andreea Fieraru, Cornelia Ioniță, Marian Ioniță, Mihai Lukacs

Lawyers, real estate mafia, executors, police, mayors, secretaries, affective speculators, opportunist artists – they are all pressing on the houses from the neighbourhood of highly real-estate value Rahova Uranus wherefrom hundreds of people have been evicted and others are waiting for their turn. The evicted women and their children, together with Mihaela Drăgan are dissecting step by step the process of losing their homes, which is at the same time a profitable business of destroying a community.

An independent play produced by La Bomba Studios, Rahova-Uranus.

With the support ofști.