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Field trip and workshop with the POST MA Programme from the Latvian Art Academy

13 June 2023

The Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life
Siliștea Snagovului
GPS Coordinates is welcoming a group of students and their tutors, from one of the most experimental MAs in the Baltic countries, the POST programme at the Latvian Art Academy in Riga. During their trip to Romania, facilitated by curator and tutor Corina Apostol, they will spend one day at the Station, exploring the surroundings and discussing topics formulated by the Station’s context, such as water scarcity, biodiversity preservation, migration of plant and animal species, sustainable food systems, as well as models of collective ownership and self-management. The Cosmos Garden at the Station will serve as a case study for some of these topics.

POST is committed to the exploration of art in context, fostering community engagement among artists, and expanding art education in Eastern Europe. This year, their focus has been centered on climate resilience, the climate justice movement, and the vital role of artists and art in these transformative processes.

This journey and project will strengthen the course’s partnership with, which started in November 2022.

POST is an interdisciplinary master’s specialization based on ideas of art in context.

The programme seeks to explore and examine how it is possible to study art today, while being simultaneously in Eastern Europe and Northern Europe, a region with different borders characterised by a changing environment and a rich experience regarding the forced use and collapse of global ideologies. MA POST can be perceived as an open study space for various ideas and experiments, moving along in the zigzagged relief of practice.