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The Convenient Percent. Criteria

What are the criteria according to which we establish if a work of art is valuable? Who sets these criteria and on what basis? Do we need to judge art differently according to the context where it is produced/ received, as well as to the gender/ ethnic/ religious, etc. belonging of those who produce the works?

Discussions about literature, film and theatre cases with Bianca Cernat, Georgiana Muşat, Cristina Modreanu and Iulia Popovici.

An event organised byști and Sofia Nădejde Awards for Literature Written by Women.

Moderators: Elena Vlădăreanu and Raluca Voinea

Visual concept: Liliana Basarab, Untitled (???...!!!), ceramics, 12x27 cm, 2019.

The Convenient Per-Cent. Equity and Gender