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Hiwa K – artist in residency in Bucharest and at the Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life, Siliștea Snagovului

15 - 29 of March 2024

We are very happy to welcome artist Hiwa K in a residency in Bucharest and at the Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life. In the frame of the "Museum of the Commons" project, he will give a presentation for the participants to the course "Non-Western Technologies for the Good Life", led by Ovidiu Tichindeleanu.

Hiwa K was born in Kurdistan-Northern Iraq in 1975. His informal studies in his home town Sulaymaniyah were focused on informal knowledge in a vernacular language. After moving to Europe in 2002, Hiwa K studied music as a pupil of the Flamenco master Paco Peña in Rotterdam, and subsequently settled in Germany.His works escape normative aesthetics but give a possibility of another vibration to vernacular forms, oral histories (Chicago boys, 2010), modes of encounter (Cooking with Mama, 2006) and political situations (This lemon tastes of apple, 2011).

The repository of his references consists of stories told by family members and friends, found situations as well as everyday forms that are the products of pragmatics and necessity. He continuously critiques the art education system and the professionalization of art practice, as well as the myth of the individual artist. Many of his works have a strong collective and participatory dimension, and express the concept of obtaining knowledge from everyday experience rather than doctrine. Hiwa K participated in various group shows such as Manifesta 7, Trento (2008), La Triennale, Intense Proximity, Paris (2012), the “Edgware Road Project” at the Serpentine Gallery, London (2012), the Venice Biennale (2015) and documenta14, Kassel/Athens (2017).

The residency takes place within the Museum of the Commons project of the confederation L’Internationale (

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Image from the project Cooking with Mama, 2005-ongoing.