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Tranzit Garden, Season VI

February – September 2019

tranzit. ro/ București
Str. Gazelei 44, sector 4

Tranzit Garden inaugurates the works in its 6th year of existence. Having survived the frozen rain in January, the rosemary, the sequoia tree, the sage and the medlar are wondering what the melting of the glaciers will bring further. How will they be able to explain these extreme phenomena to the annual species that are to be seeded and harvested within the short interval when everything seems to be in its place and the world a paradise? How can the salad understand there are bigger dangers than the snails attacking it before it even has enough leaves? Is the basil aware why there are no more tomatoes around it? Will the climbing ivy succeed in fighting alone with the dust and the rubble when the building in the neighbour’s yard gets demolished?

We will be witnessing for another season, from among our greenery, the gentrification process of Gazelei street and of an area in the city which has seemed for a long time thrown outside of time. We will only know how much our cultivated plots in the Garden have contributed to this process when we are forced to abandon them. We will perceive, for yet another year, how the seasons melt their borders from one to another. We will continue to experiment for a while with botanical species, with methods and principles, with technologies and especially with confidence. As for the rest, we will live and we will see, in autumn.