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Bucharest Art Week 2016

The Tranzit Orangerie is one of the venues of:

Bucharest Art Week 2016

November 4 – 12, 2016
Bucharest, Romania


The third edition of the Bucharest Art Week (BAW) International Festival examines the way in which contemporary artists, curators and theorists place themselves with respect to the theme of nature and the tradition of the landscape. With the title The Lesson of Nature, both the curatorial project and the insert-catalogue of the exhibitions (which will be launched during BAW) favour contemporary artistic practices and discourses, whose tonality starts from the poetic and the abstract, to reach the investigative and the documentary.

Participants in BAW 2016 (alphabetical order): Cristina Bogdan & V. Leac, Noa Bronstein, Rob Carter, Matei Câlția, Florin Ghenade, Brynn Higgins-Stirrup, Lumír Hladík, Valentina Iancu, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Jacob Korczynski, Matthew Kyba, Marianne Lanavère, Adina Mocanu, Shani K. Parsons, Ștefan Rusu, Soft Turns / Sarah Jane Gorlitz & Wojciech Olejnik, Iulia Toma & Claudiu Cobilanschi, Joani Tremblay, Livia Ungur & Sherng-Lee Huang.

Curator: Oana Tănase

Programme of the exhibition in the Tranzit Orangerie:

Opening and guided tour: Monday, 7 November 2016, 6-9 pm
Visiting hours: Tue, Thu, 4-8 p.m.; Wed, 4-9 p.m.; Fri, Sat, 3-7 p.m. București
Str. Gazelei nr. 44, sector 4

Bucharest Art Week is an annual event organized by the Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Arts, financed this year by AFCN, session II 2016, Cultural Projects, ARCUB - the Centre for Cultural Projects of the Bucharest Municipality, through the Bucharest In-visible City Program, and AFCN, session I 2016, Editorial Projects.


With the support of: Fonds de recherche – Société et culture Québec (FRQSC), Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ)

Partners: Galeria Posibilă, București, CEREFREA Villa Noël, National University of Arts Bucharest, Dianei 4, Hotel Sarroglia, Flowers B&B,