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The Tranzit Orangery

Starting with 18 September 2016

It’s been 4 years since București has been located on Gazelei Str. 44. Alongside the exhibition space and complementing the Tranzit Garden, we are now opening for the public the annex-space from the institution’s courtyard, imagining it as a place to offer protection to fragile plants and ideas. The Tranzit Orangery will host debates and workshops, informal gatherings, presentations and lectures; it will include a small museum of the Tranzit Garden and it will offer space for questions and projections upon the future. That uncertain future towards which we are looking from this present and precarious moment, to which we anchor ourselves firmly, inveterately and so fleetingly.

On the 18th of September we are opening the Tranzit Orangery with a conversation with the artist Pavel Brăila, as part of his exhibition JOC. The Energy of Life.

Thanks to: Simion Constantin, Eduard Constantin, Cristian Voinea, Athena Dumitriu and the members of the Tranzit Garden.