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Safe in My Garden

Summer Party in the Tranzit Garden

When you go out in the street,
So many hassles with the heat;
No one there can fill your desire.
Cops out with the megaphones,
Tellin' people stay inside their homes.
Man, can't they see the world's on fire?*

Every summer is hotter than the one last year. Bucharest is turning into a tropical capital. In the Tranzit Garden we have followed this transformation in the past 3 years, from the plants we grow to the insects that migrate to us from the South. We are at the same time secluded in a bubble and acutely understanding the big changes around us.

We invite you for the last event of this summer at București, with discussions, chill-out, pies and football.

*The Mamas & The Papas, Safe In My Garden (1968)

Featuring the utilitarian art projects “Grandsire Asimov” by Vasile Leac (an oven hand-built following various traditional methods) and “ȘezlongSociety” by Claudiu Cobilanschi (a series of deck chairs custom made for stimulating dolce-far-niente, self-contemplation and meditation).

Pies and cocktails baked and spiced by members of Tranzit Garden: Athena Dumitriu, Iulia Popovici, Olivia Mihaltianu, Iuliana Dumitru & others.

Bring your own favourite vinyl records on topics related to the event and play them yourself (moderated by Dana Andrei & Raluca Voinea).

Concluding with the UEFA Euro 2016 Final at 10 pm.

Made possible and pleasurable with the invaluable help of Edi Constantin.