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Questo Anonimato E’ Sovversivo/ (This Anonymity is subversive) - performance

– a project by Ruben Montini

04th of April, 2023 – 6-8 pm.
05th of April, 2023 – 10-12 am.

tranzit. ro/Cluj, Napoca Street, no. 16, 1st. floor,
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Questo Anonimato E’ Sovversivo (This Anonymity is subversive) is the project of Italian artist Ruben Montini. It consisted of a journey through countries of the European Union that the artist carried out together with photographer Ela Bialkowska. In Romania the project was hosted by tranzit. ro/Cluj.

The goal of the project was to invite the audience to collaborate on the execution of an artwork using the medium of hand embroidery. Moving towards each European Country, it aimed to create a colossal hand embroidery piece as the result of the cooperation between people living across the EU.

Participants worked on the same fabric, a white cotton cloth that measures approximately 30 meters (length) by 1.50 meters (width). They could use any space of the cloth, empty or already taken by other participants, expressing themselves using the embroidery as a medium.

Participants with various hand embroidery backgrounds joined the event - some members of the professional hand embroidery group led by Kis Lukács Erzsébet were present as well as students from UAD Cluj and other interested practitioners. As part of the tranzit. ro/Cluj stop, on the 5th of April Ukrainian young women intervened on the fabric adding a special input. Special thanks to the Ukrainian Brothers Fun Club and to the local Ukrainian community for joining this project.

Cluj-Napoca was the last station of this project which will end this spring. The exhibition showing the whole 6-year process opens on the 29th of April at Fondazione MACC in Sardinia, Italy.

Ruben Montini, Questo Anonimato E’ Sovversivo, 2017 - 2023

Romanian stop at tranzit. ro, Cluj - April 2023

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Photo: Mattia Ozzy B. and Ruben Montini