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SZEMinárium – workshops organised by új szem magazine

31st of March 2023, 4-8 pm.
21st of April 2023, 4-8 pm., Napoca Street, no. 16, 1st. floor
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Starting with March 2023, hosts SZEMinárium, the self-improvement group of új szem magazine for students in Cluj Napoca.

új szem is a social, cultural and critical platform, an online magazine that continues the work of szem magazine (2015-2021).
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The self-improvement group has been formed at the start of the academic year 2022/2023. Students from different fields of study took part in an open application and were selected based on a short essay written about one of the topics offered by the editors of új szem. New entries will be possible at the start of the new academic year. The language of the workshops is Hungarian.

In the academic year 2022/2023, the students of the seminar participate in two workshops during the bi-weekly meetings: the groundwork organized by the facilitators of SZEMinárium, where students learn the basic concepts of critical theories, the issues of social movement theory and practice, the basic principles of journal editing; and the workshop led by András Borbély, where they analyse the conflict between individual and society in the process of producing new political subjectivities through the reading of literary texts.

András Borbély (1982) poet, publicist. Former university lecturer at Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca and Sapientia University, Miercurea Ciuc. Research interests: contemporary trends in literary theory, relations between literature, philosophy and politics. Concerned with social inequalities, the theory and nature of labour.

31st or March 2023, 4-8 pm.
Magda Simon: Cselédkenyéren (1968) – workshop led by András Borbély

Tamás Gáspár Miklós: Az értelmiség mint történelmi probléma [Intellectuals as a historical problem] [published on in Hungarian] – workshop led by Székely Örs

21st of April 2023, 4-8 pm.
Imre Kertész: Kaddish for un unborn child (1990) – workshop led by András Borbély

Antonio Gramsci: Marxizmus, kultúra, művészet. Válogatott írások (1965) [Marxism, Culture, Art. Selected writings] – The Philosophy of Practice and the Modern Culture p 69-83, The Formation of the Intellectuals p 97-108, The Different Situations of Intellectuals from Cities and from the Countryside p 109-123 – workshop led by Székely Örs