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Promoting social, cultural, and pedagogical change that overcomes the conditions of the current social, political and cultural predicament. is engaging in a new type of collaboration and experiment which seeks to provide an inspirational space and context for artistic research and discussions. The camp is a self-sustainable, environmentally conscious, future-oriented mutual-education project located in the village Câmpu Cetății (Mureș district) in the Transylvanian Mountains of Romania. Initiated by curator Attila Tordai-S, educator Kata Tordai-Soos, photographer Nelson Fitch, and short story writer Veronica Roth, partnerships will include universities, educational/cultural institutes, artist collectives, and independent researchers.

The project wishes to overcome poor access to interdisciplinary critical education and tries to bridge the gap between the theoretical approaches of the academic sphere, the practical everyday dilemmas of educators, and the needs and perspective of the new generation of children and youngsters. The project promotes solidarity and collective action and aims to bring together activists, people from art, science, technology, pedagogy, and culture to encourage new inter-institutional and multidisciplinary collaborations and to convert some hot (academic) topics into the everyday language of education and praxis.

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Construction detail.
Architecture concept by Alex Whitton, 2018.
Arhitecture and detail planning by blipsz, 2019.