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“Telephone: Communication Technology & Communicating Technology” – Summer School


14-20th of September 2023
Câmpu Cetăţii, Mureş County

The school is intended for a mixed group of students from both STEM fields and the humanities who share an interest in the critical study of technology and in understanding how technology works. Our goal is to bring together different perspectives from these two spheres of intellectual life, usually separated by an artificial divide, viewing the technology through a philosophical, social, and cultural lens while maintaining a rigorous understanding of its workings.

The main schedule will consist of two lectures or seminars per day: one focusing on technical and/or scientific aspects, and one focusing on social and/or cultural aspects, held by speakers with a background in the respective fields.

Subjects will vary from the impact technology has on the environment and the evolution of mobile phone software development paradigms, to the history and challenges of the semiconductor industry, and the implications of AI on privacy.

The venue also offers ample opportunities for discussions and group activities, both spontaneous and organized, like sports, hiking, and film projections.

The summer school is especially (though not exclusively) aimed at college students studying in the above-mentioned fields, as well as high school students in their final year. There is no enrollment fee and free accommodation will be provided in rooms with 4-6 beds (with a limit of 24 participants) as well as a camping site. Train or bus fares will be reimbursed within a 150 RON limit.

To sign up, please send your letter of intent to until the 14th of August.

14th of September – Arrival
15-19th of September – Lectures & Seminars
20th of September – Round Table

Marina Mironica (Sociology), Alin Răuţoiu (Software Development), Elisabeta Toma (Advocacy & Community Organising, Sociology), Alexandru Evanghelidis (Research, Material Physics), Florina Dumitru (Chemistry), Ciprian Știrbu (Software Development), Ciprian Făcăeru (Visual Arts), Raluca Nestor (Visual Arts), Irina Dumitru (Quantum Physics), Marina Oprea (Visual Arts), Lorin Ghiman (Philosophy)

Curators: Irina Dumitru & Alexandru Evanghelidis

The project is organised by in partnership with Foundation 9 (Scena 9), National Institute for Research and Development in Materials Physics and Dezarticulat.

The main partner of is ERSTE Stiftung.

Cultural project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration.
The project does not necessarily represent the views of the National Cultural Fund Administration.
The National Cultural Fund Administration is not responsible for the project’s contents or how the project’s results can be used.
These are entirely the responsibility of the funding’s beneficiary.

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