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Ivett Szabó

new member joins tranzit. ro/Cluj team

Ivett Szabó (born 2000) joins the team from March as program coordinator. She is a MA student in Critical Theory and Multicultural Studies, Faculty of History and Philosophy, UBB. She got her BA degree in Hungarian Literature and Comparative Literature Studies, Faculty of Letters, UBB. Ivett is currently working on her Master’s thesis. In her academic work, she is mostly interested in environmental ethics, eco-criticism, and non-human narratives. She has been part of Echinox’s editorial team for 2 years and joined the organizing team of Hervay Literary Circle and Bajnokok Legalja Slam Poetry series shortly after they were founded. In this period she has also been volunteering in experiential education projects like Grund School Oradea.

Since late 2019 she is a member of the Save As Pedagogy Action Group (Mentés másként pedagógia). With their annual conference and other events, they intend to connect the academic and civil sphere, teachers and specialists of caring professions, and work to create visibility for systemic issues and inadequately discussed topics of education. Education as a strong political act plays a key role in her work, as well as the analysis of literary language, which has the empowering ability to question the limits of collective imaginaries.