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Summer Camp at Câmpu Cetății

28 July – 01 August, 2022

The summer camp Utopias of Solidarity 2022 has its focus on the activity of certain self-organized, politically engaged groups that were formed in the context of the intersectionality of multiple (financial, economic, ecological, migration, housing, care, political etc.) crises. By bringing together critical academic/professional approaches and practices based on the principles of solidarity and/or anticapitalism, we seek answers to the following questions: what utopia could mean for us today, or what can solidarity mean within our local context and environment of limited or scarce resources, but also to what possibilities for knowledge and resource alignment can we conceive in order to enable ourselves to cope on an everyday level with the effects of the aforementioned multiple crises that surround us?

With these questions in mind the program of our summer school – through facilitating an interdisciplinary inquiry informed by perspectives coming from social sciences regarding what is to be done on the landscape of initiatives based on solidarity – undertook the task of presenting and reviewing together with our participants those practical models of work and of knowledge that were acquired through systematic analysis and field work on areas as urbanism and housing, gender equality, ecology and the history of emancipatory movements.

Programs of the discussions:

Friday, July 29

Movement-history section - with Róbert-István Antal (Hungarian National Archive Institute), János Főcze (Hungarian National Archive Institute), Zsolt K. Horváth (Faculty of Arts, Budapest Metropolitan University).

Moderator: Petruț Dávid (BBTE, Hungarian Institute of History)

János Főcze: THE MADOSZ. Left-wing generational grouping or Moscow's Trojan horse in Transylvania?

Zsolt K. Horváth: NÉKOSZ: social mobility and democratic pedagogy

Róbert-István Antal: Lajos Jordáky (1913-1974) Where are we now? Possibilities and challenges of self-organized, system-critical groups (presentation and workshop):

Invited speaker: Annajuli Rosenfeld.

Moderator: Gegő Virág

The results of a movement-history research action. Presentation by Rosenfeld Annajuli:

July 30, Saturday

Alternatives to the housing crisis (round table discussion):

With: Júlia Adorjáni (Babeș-Bolyai University), Gabriella Tonk (Babeș-Bolyai University), Márton Czirfusz (Periphery Public Policy and Research Center), Zsuzsi Pósfai (Periphery Public Policy and Research Center), Melinda Tóth (From the Street to Housing! Association), Tímea Veres Nagy (Sepsi Local Action Group Association).

Moderator: András Borbély

The position of women in the housing crisis: difficulties and solutions (presentation and round table discussion):

With: Melinda Abrudbányai (Advisory Center for the Prevention of Violence, BBTE) and Éva László (Hungarian Institute of Sociology and Social Work, BBTE), Dés Fanni (NANE Association) and Zsuzsi Pósfai (Periféria Public Policy and Research Center).

Moderator: Noémi Bíró (BBTE), Gegő Virág

Fanni Dés, Zsuzsi Pósfai: Women and housing: housing solutions responding to the special needs of women

Melinda Abrudbányai, Éva László: Housing questions and answers in the context of leaving the situation of domestic violence. The situation in Romania and the peculiarities of Cluj

July 31, Sunday

Alternative ecopolitical and economic responses to the climate crisis

Moderated discussion based on seminar texts led by: Attila Szigeti (BBTE, Hungarian Institute of Philosophy)

Sustainability, community building and networking (round table discussion):

With: Tünde Haba (Small Gardeners Movement from Ciuc), Zoltán Hajdu (Focus Eco Center), Barabás Szemenyei (Solidarity Economic Center), Csilla Szabó (Nature Education Community Center), Miklós Szőcs-Boruss Attila (Eco Ruralis National Small Farmer Association).

Moderator: Levente Zsolt Dobrai and Attila Szigeti.

+ Community cooking, nature walk in Câmpu Cetății, community programs, evening party

Address: Câmpu Cetăţii no 122, Jud. Mureș, România

Curator/organizer: Noémi Bíró, Zsolt Levente Dobrai, Virág Gegő

Associate Collaborator: Borbély András, Petruț Dávid, Szigeti Attila, Tordai S. Attila

The main partner of is ERSTE Foundation.