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online contribution of Iasi series

Long after having left the residency in Iasi, the Bucharest based artist – Eduard Constantin is still contributing to @tranzitiasi instagram page with new drawings from Iasi series.

Eduard Constantin is an artist and designer based in Bucharest, Romania. He works with a variety of media and many of his projects have a processual character, developing as series on different periods of time. His recent projects include: "Passers-by with no Shadow" (2020-in progress), a series of watercolours realized during the emergency state caused by the coronavirus pandemic; “The Last” (2019-in progress), a series of drawings of species that went extinct, recorded since 1977, the year of his birth, “Resurfaced” (2020-in progress), again looking at species that went extinct but reappeared, and “The First” (2015-in progress), another series of drawings, depicting people, objects or situations that created a landmark and which the artist considers important for his own life or practice.