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Since 2018, the Sofia Nădejde project puts women's creation in the spotlight. On October 17, 2021, at the Apollo111 Theater, took place the Sofia Nădejde Awards Gala – the 4th edition, during which the best books of prose and poetry were awarded, published between September 1, 2020 - September 1, 2021. The winner volumes are: in the POETRY category, the volume Alwarda, signed by Ruxandra Novac; in the PROSE category, the volume un nor în formă de cămilă, signed by Alina Nelega; in the DEBUT POETRY category, the volume dă tot ce ai, signed by Alexandra Pâzgu; and in the category PROSES DEBUT the volume Fragil, signed by Simona Goșu. At the same time, the Prize for Dramaturgy was awarded to Alexandra Felseghi and the “Archives on the Move” Prize, offered by the Sofia Nădejde Awards team and supported by tranzit. ro / Bucharest. This award was given to Miruna Runcan, a theater critic.


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