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Natural science camp in Câmpu Cetății #1

-organized by NECC and

1-4 July, 2021

Location: Câmpu Cetății, Mureș County

Program coordinators: Kunigunda Macalik, Janka Penzs, Csilla Szabo

The primary goal of the Natural science camp in Câmpu Cetății #1 is to introduce children to the basics of ecological thinking and to make them familiar with the values of biodiversity.

Besides discussions, presentations, field trips and workshops, the participants were engaged in the creation of a giant “insect hotel” which was set up on the camp site in order to monitor the inhabitant insects in the coming years.

“Insect hotels” are structures that promote the reproduction of certain groups of insects, such as bees and wasps that do not live in a hive like a honeybee, but lay their eggs alone in small holes. These are called lone bees and lone wasps. These little-known groups make up 90% of the population of wasps and bees and play a very important role in pollinating many farm crops. This is also a cause for concern that their numbers are on a declining trend. “Insect hotels” can help find housing for solitary membranous species, where larvae and then adults can develop from eggs.

The Natural science camp in Câmpu Cetății #1 served an educational purpose and is part of the curatorial program “New Protocols – pedagogy and Praxis". The program is a response to the current social, political and technological transformations, which generate pressing cultural and pedagogical dilemmas. The goal of the initiative is to rethink and re-discuss our relationship with the Earth, space, science, art, culture, communities, (historical) time and politics.