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19th of May – 19th of June 2020
Only online, on Instagram account: @tranzitiasi

Indeed, we move for a while on Instagram. Looking forward to meet you there. Smaranda Ursuleanu, a Iasi based artist was so generous to accept our invitation and take over the account.

“Limited to online formats of displaying art nowadays, @tranzitiasi becomes for the next 4 weeks a virtual diary exhibited through Instagram stories, posts and maybe lives from an authentic need to connect to each other. Instagram is a visual display of intimacy, mundane aspects and everyday activities, thoughts and ideas about past and future projects, memories, selfies, memes, short videos performed for ourselves, for our friends, family members, acquaintances, collaborators, and complete strangers.

Smaranda Ursuleanu (b. 1995) is a multi-media artist based in Iasi, Romania. Inspired by the activities and rituals of our everyday existence, she experiments with various mediums to explore her body, identity, vulnerability and intimacy. Smaranda’s performative femininity and her subversive visual representations aim to deconstruct gender binary, conventions and taboos about women’s body and experiences.” (Smaranda Ursuleanu, May 2020)

This project is part of the multiannual project tranzitiasi 2020: periphery – history – contemporary art. Smaranda Ursuleanu is the first public contribution alongside a series of other research, residency, interviews, livestreams and awards activities that will take place in both 2020 and 2021. More will be available soon on

Cultural project co-financed by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

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© Image:Mircea Grosu, analogue photography, 2019