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B7 - brainstorming/ GALIT EILAT/ Curating in Dark Times

Organized and moderated by Lia Perjovschi

tranzit. ro/ Sibiu
24th of October 2018
Astra Library, Sibiu Iaşi
26th of October 2018
Al. Lăpuşneanu Street, No. 7-9, Iasi


personal stories/statements, in local/global, professional context...
on Israel, Middle East, Europe/Netherlands, the World... personal life, activism, curatorial projects...

Galit Eilat’s research seeks to develop conditions that enable collective encounters and experiences, underpinned by a critical view towards the status quo. Deploying eclectic, site-specific projects, often in collaboration with grassroot, politically active groups and individuals, Eilat unravels the intertwined themes of political ideology, theology, the nation state and the production of history. Pivotal within such projects is the process of knowledge dissemination, which departs from the ethos that art is charged with the potential to ignite social change and must therefore be accessible to all, not a privileged few.

After her presentation in Sibiu, Galit Eilat will travel to Iaşi, where on the 26th of October 2018 she will give a presentation in Iaşi space.

This program is a joint program between Sibiu and Iaşi.

Main partner of is Erste Foundation.

The presentation in Iaşi will be live streamed in the frame of aLIVE program realized with the financial support of the Iași City Hall, through the 2016 programme for non-reimbursable funding granted by the Iași City Hall budget.