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b5 - DaDa 100

Thursday, 27 October, 2016

Astra Library, Sibiu

brainstorming is an annual project organized by artist Lia Perjovschi in Sibiu.
In 2016, the project is dedicated to the centennial anniversary of Dadaism.

1 day brainstorming/ marathon/ experiment to celebrate this provocative modernist revolution in visual art.

The first part: 4 presentations - All invited guests re-read from their position this international avant-garde art movement:

- Daria Ghiu for the Cultural Program at the National Radio;
- Adrian Notz for continuing to activate the Cabaret Voltaire Zurich;
- Igor Mocanu for re-starting with the beginning;
- Radu Vancu for creative/ didactic reason.

The second part: Open discussions - b5 guests together with the targeted audience (visual artists, poets, cultural journalists) try to figure out what would DaDa be today. "Art is dependent on the time in which it lives... DaDa was pure revolt ...” (from Dada art and anti art, 1964, Hans Richter). After 100 years of senselessness, war and violence continue. Noise, craziness, and irrationality dominate the world.

Also, on this occasion, three brochures were commissioned, on different issues/ subjects, by Corina Lucia Apostol, Liviana Dan, Stefan Tiron, and two awards will be given to two spaces: Casa Tranzit Cluj and Magma Sf. Gheorghe (for their multicultural agenda and activating in a difficult environment).

Dan Perjovschi: Dick Gun, 2005