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ȘTEFAN RUSU: book launch, screening and public discussion Iași invites you on Saturday, 24th of September at the book launch of the publication Spaces on the Run and to the screening of the documentary Autopcity, that will be followed by a public discussion between its author, Ștefan Rusu, Ovidiu Gherasim-Proca and Livia Pancu.

HD, 72’, 2015
A film by Ștefan RUSU
Camera: Ruben AGADJANEAN
Image and Sound Editor: Denis BARTENEV

The film is an investigative documentary that explores a city in decline. Along with a number of researchers: architects, sociologists, urban activists and visual artists we have investigated the processes of transformation and urban planning which took place in Chisinau in the socialist period and during the independence adopted in 1991. Throughout this journey we have been concerned about the negative effects that the Old Town would suffer from the construction of Cantemir Blvd., which was planned right after World War II by the collective of architects headed by Alexey Shchusev and never realized—but suddenly reappeared in the new master plan (PUG) approved by municipality in 2007.

Today it seems more urgent then ever to reclaim the public spaces that have been intentionally neglected, so that they can be eventually removed from public domain and privatized. Some of these spaces have been regained by urban activists, such as Kentford Square and Europe Square from Ștefan cel Mare Park, whereas some are still disputed (including the ruins of Old Post Office).

The old city core, including heritage buildings, streets, intersections and squares with small markets, are in danger of being affected by the new development plan. Urban interventions realised by the art community in these areas and the revitalization of Zaikin Park undertaken by civic initiatives with the help of local inhabitants have offered viable solutions for protecting the area, the local social fabric and identity of the city.

Featuring participants:
Antonița FONARI, Vladimir US, Dan PERJOVSCHI, Baba Natalya, Tamara NESTEROV, Vitalie SPRÎNCEANA, Elena BIVOL, Anatolie CAZACU, Anatolie GORDEEV, Vasile EREMCIUc, Oleg VRONSKi, Ion ȘTEFĂNIȚA, Vitalie MUNTEAN, Corina REZNEAC, Vitalii VOZNOI, Alexei DIMITROV, Serghei RIAZANTSEV

Producer: Asociația Oberliht
Co-producers: Ștefan Rusu și Asociația BACU
Translation: Marcel GHERMAN, Natalia JURMINSKAIA
Technical assistance: Lilia DRAGNEVA și [KSA:K] - Centre for Contemporary Art, Chișinău

The film was financially supported by the European Cultural Foundation. Film production was supported by SPACES project, BACU Association, Chișinău, [KSA:K] - Centre for Contemporary Art, Chișinău, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw.

Publication launch:

SPACES ON THE RUN - Mapping, activating, rethinking the status of public spaces in Central Asian context.

The project Spaces on the Run was inspired by the transformation of public space that took place in conjunction with the fundamental changes that occurred in Central Asian countries in the early nineteen-nineties, as one country after the other claimed independence. The main objectives of the project were not only to investigate how these changes affected the function and role of public spaces in major cities (Dushanbe, Almaty, Bishkek, and Tashkent) but also to engage with these spaces, using contemporary art practices and social engagement as tools for activating and creatively appropriating them. The project consisted of a research and documentation laboratory, theoretical seminars, and a number of art projects/interventions in public space, developed by participants from Central Asia (Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan). The final presentation of the project included public programs and presentations of art projects undertaken in Dushanbe. This process, in addition to introduction of creative practices into the urban sphere, also implied interaction with local communities and the formation of a new public.

Concept & Editor: Ștefan RUSU
Layout: Farida YUNUSOVA

Texts by Victor DUBOVITSKIY, Madina JUNUSSOVA &Elena TYO, Natalia ANDRIANOVA, Abdumannop ZIYAEV, Gafur SHERMATOV, Vladimir US, [STEALTH.unlimited] Ana DZOKIC&Marc NEELEN, Gamal BOKONBAEV, Yuliya SOROKINA, Nelya KORZHOVA and Stefan RUSU.
Projects and contributions by Ewa RUDNICKA, Alexander NIKOLAEV, Jamshed KHOLIKOV, Aleksei RUMYANTSEV, Surayo TUYCHIEVA, Bakhytzhan SALIKHOV, Murodjon SHARIFOV, Suleiman SHARIFI, Gulbara OMOROVA, Sitora Tursunova and Bahtier RAKHIMOV.
A publication and project curated by Stefan RUSU, produced by Dushanbe Art Ground center, Tajikistan.

This project was supported by Prince Claus Fund/NL, Arts Colaboratory - a Hivos&DOEN Foundation programme/NL, Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation in Tajikistan, Swiss Cooperation Office, Tajikistan and was co-funded by: Goethe Institute Tashkent/UZ, Goethe Institute Almaty/Kazakhstan, Adam Mickiewicz Institute Poland.

Ştefan RUSU (born in 1964, Câietu, Moldova) is based in Chișinău/Moldova and Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan.

His artistic/curatorial agenda is geared towards the social and political changes in post-socialist societies after 1989. In 2004 he completed MA in Cultural Policy and Management (Mediation in the Balkans) at Belgrade Art University, following the years 2005-06 he attended Curatorial Training Program at Stichting DE APPEL in Amsterdam, where he co-curated “Mercury in Retrograde”.

Ștefan has extended managerial practice. Beginning with 2000 he was involved in the development of [KSA:K] - Centre for Contemporary Art, Chișinău (, where he developed a number of curatorial projects and art initiatives. Later in 2013, after he moved to Tajikistan he become involved in the development of Dushanbe Art Ground centre where, besides designing and curating projects, he was also responsible for programs management, including fundraising and long-term sustainability of DAG. He is the editor of a number of publications: Spaces on the Run (2015), Reimagining the New Man (2014), Chișinău-Art, Research in the Public Sphere (2011), RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios (2008). In 2012 participated in the 7th Berlin Biennial with Reclaiming the City – an investigative documentary, which reflects on dramatic social-economic structural changes, the physical transformation of the city following the dismantling of Berlin wall and the impact of gentrification processes on public space.

This event is part of the long term project Iași: Public Space. ALIVE (2016 – 2018) realized with the financial support of the Iași City Hall, through the 2016 programme for non-reimbursable funding granted by the Iași City Hall budget.