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Prosper Center + History of Contemporary Cultural Production in Public Space in Iași

Prosper Center AW 2016 exhibition: May 23 - June 16, 2016

On the occasion of the International Festival of Education (FIE) 2016, Iași organizes a series of events that aim to promote and popularize contemporary art from Iași: Prosper Center AW 2016 exhibition, guided tours/ propaganda walks, the map of venues dedicated to contemporary art.

Prosper Center AW 2016 presents the latest fashion collection (Autumn – Winter 2016) of the young fashion designer Prosper Center/Andrei Dinu (Bucharest) that was inspired by martial arts and stock market. The collection is produced in proportion of 90% in Iași and reflects the rich tradition of the history of the local textile industry and the present of this industry in the city of Iași.

The guided tours will involve visiting the main sites of Iași where major events of contemporary art took place since 1997 (Tătărași neighborhood, Steven the Great boulevard, Turkish Bath, the Palace of Culture esplanade, various other public spaces where contemporary artworks were displayed etc.). These guided tours happened daily between 24 and 28 of May and will also take place on the 8th and 9th of June, starting with 4 pm. It will be performed one tour per day, for a maximum of 10 participants. The departure will be from Iași, Al. Lăpușneanu St. 7-9. Registrations here:

The Map of Contemporary Art from Iași focused on local contemporary art history by indicating the still active places but also the ones that do not exist anymore or changed their purpose. The Map was distributed free of charge to the public and also to all the participants in the guided tours that Iași organised.

This project is realized in partnership with Iași City Hall, in the frame of the International Festival of Education (FIE) 2016.