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Depository of the Initiative for the Petite Bourgeois Party in Iași

A project by: Nebojsa Milikic

February 2016 - January 2017

tranzit. ro/ Iași,
Al. Lăpușneanu St. 7-9

Depository of the Initiative for the Petite Bourgeois Party in Iași is a project by the Belgrade based cultural worker Nebojsa Milikic in collaboration with tranzit. ro/ Iași. For the duration of almost an year it will be explored the state and the manifestations of the petite bourgeois ideologies, politics and practice.

A different understanding of an artistic residency will take the shape of several research visits to Iasi, thus acquiring a certain type of commitment to the place that is welcoming the artist.

At the end of his second research visit - April 2016, Nebojsa Milikic will give the first public presentation related to the project.

Nebojša Milikić (1964) is a cultural worker, researcher and activist, lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. Attended The School of History and Theory of Image of the Centre for Contemporary Art Belgrade and The Queer Studies at The Center for Queer Studies, Belgrade. Since 1995 involved in organizational, artistic and curatorial practice in visual and socially engaged arts. Participates in various research projects and activist campaigns. Writes about cultural and artistic production. From 1999 onwards works in Cultural Center Rex in Belgrade, as the initiator and coordinator of the debate programs and the programs of democratization and decentralization of culture.

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