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27 September 2014
Astra library
Sibiu, Romania

with the help of

I have the chance to host an informal annual meeting on various topics
2014 (100 years since the WW1 (First World War) in full world crisis, civil unrest, protests - economic, environmental and political, terrorism

chosen topics are - aggression, conflict, violence, trauma, negotiation

the meeting is a symbolic scanning of the world from various points / views
about what we feel/think now and what solutions we have to survive, to go on…

Guest list:

1 teacher - Kristine Stiles - NC US Duke University Art and Art history department - (on trauma)
1 curator Iara Boubnova Sofia/Moscow Bulgaria /Russia
1 artist - Kathryn Smith - Cape Town South Africa (about various forms of violence - in South Africa - Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria)
1 group- (the group behind Stanica Zilina Slovakia) - Marek Adamov, Hanka Luksu, Robo Blasko – (negotiators to maintain contemporary art/culture in Zilina Slovakia)
1 art space (from the conflict zone) - Station Pristina Kosovo (Albert Heta - post war solutions)
1 writer - Dan Sociu – necessary attitudes (the declining of ICR Award 2014 because the cultural institution was compromised after the coup d’etat in 2012)
1 sociologist – Enikő Vincze - Babes Bolyai University (minority and majority)
1 curator/ theoretician Corina Lucia Apostol - Constanța /NY (artleaks project/site)
1 theoretician Cristian Nae – Iași
1 curator Simona Năstac – London GB
1 anthropologist Alexandru Bălășescu - Vancouver Canada
1 curator Bucharest RO - Alina Șerban


Aggression - attack
Conflict - misunderstanding, antagonism, violence discussion
Violence - to force
Psychological Trauma - pain
Negotiation - to mediate (economic, political, cultural).

Because the meeting will be held without public, the discussions will be recorded, edited and later a documentary film will be available online for general audience. The meetings b3 and b4 will be also subject of a publication to appear in 2015