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Guest Teacher: Cristina DAVID & Mikkel ROSENGAARD

April – May 2014 Iași
aprilie – mai 2014
Str. Al. Lăpușneanu 7-9

GUEST TEACHER is an informal service suited to enrich current academic curricula of art students and other young artists living and working in Iași. It encourages a horizontal approach on education that focuses on dialogue and peer-to-peer reviews together with contemporary art professionals.

tranzit. ro/ Iași artist-in-residence Cristina DAVID together with the Danish writer Mikkel ROSENGAARD will first offer this service to our small art community. The first meetings will focus on your practice so please bring along your artistic work and any other relevant information about your practice.

To confirm your participation please send an e-mail to

This project is coordinated by Florin Bobu / 1+1.

Cristina David started her artistic training at the Art Academy in Bucharest and completed her MDA at the Art Academy in Bergen, Norway. She lives in Bucharest where she works as a visual artist.
In her career she had at the beginning a short period of self-introspection but she felt quite uncomfortable with it so she is done with that. Cristina now likes to combine scientific facts with art and she is enthusiastic of what she is discovering. Her works are often humorous.

Mikkel Rosengaard was born in Elsinore (Denmark) in 1987, and is a grants and fiction writer. He has written grants for the City of Copenhagen, the PEN World Voice Festival of International Literature, and the art group Wooloo. His first book, the young adult novel Videre, was published in 2010.