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Andreea Cioara: “Gust de Neuitat” / “Unforgettable Taste” @tranzitiasi on Instagram

On the February 10th, 2021 the Iași based artist Andreea Cioară (@andrutza_julie) started to share - on our instagram account - a weekly episode from her ceramic graphic story “Gust de Neuitat” / “Unforgettable Taste”.

First conceived as a performance and video performance (2017-), Andreea Cioară tells the story of a teenage girl adventure by the seaside, recalling the technique of comic strips.

The narration is now adapted to a new format and will unfold over the duration of seven weeks making the most emotionally charged elements in the position to be equalized and annihilated by the monotony they are narrated with.

Andreea CIOARĂ (born 1995) is a graduate of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, “George Enescu” University of Art (Mural Art Department). In 2016 she received a scholarship from the University of Salamanca, Spain. She participated in group shows such as Libidoland (UAGE Iași), micro-narațiuni (1+1 & tranzit. ro/ Iași), Working Title 2 (Magma, Sfântu Gheorghe), Exotic Plants (1+1 & tranzit. ro/ Iași)

This is part of the multiannual project RESEARCH. PRODUCTION. DIALOG / CERCETARE. PRODUCTIE. DIALOG that is taking place in 2020/ 2021 and is realized with the financial support of Iasi City Hall through the Programme of financial support of Civil Society projects from Iasi, law 350/ 2005, related to grants from public funds supporting not for profit activities from Iasi City Hall budget.