română/ bucurești/ cluj/ iași/ sibiu/ Iaşi – Screening Iaşi - Screening "My Time", a project by Dragoș Alexandrescu
26.09.2013, 6 pm
Iaşitex building, 7th floor
B-dul Primăverii no. 2,

This Thursday, Iaşi welcomes you to a film screening of Dragoș Alexandrescu`s project „My Time”.

“The body of work presented here is a part of the ongoing project titled “My Time”, started in 2011. The videos are a form of interrogation of the present where his fictional narrative stories, based on real socio-economic facts, try to (re)produce an emotional rather than rational response of the audience regarding the information presented. Each image is presenting aspects of life, often with humour and irony, mostly related to the period of economical and identity crisis which Europe is confronting lately.
Coming from a former communist country, where the propaganda took a negative form by transforming it into a political war, his project aims to de-construct and re-construct realities filtered through his personal experience and his personal emotions.” (Dragoş Alexandrescu)

Dragoș Alexandrescu (born 1974) is an artist from Iași based in Finland. He is a founding member of Vector Association and his works have been exhibited both in Romania and internationally.