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Revisiting State Socialism (IV)

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Friday, December 15, 2023, 6:00 p.m

"Lucian Blaga" University Library from Sibiu/ Str. Lucian Blaga, no. 2A

tranzit. ro/Cluj in partnership with UBB Cluj-Napoca and "Lucian Blaga" University Library from Sibiu invites you to a lecture and discussion within the project "Philosophy in Late Socialist Europe: Theoretical Practices in the Face of Polycrisis" on the topic of the polycrisis of the 1970s -1980 with the title

„Varieties of Polycrisis: Escalations, Doomsdays and Historical History from the Long 1970s to Today”.

The fourth RSS meeting takes place in Sibiu.

Our guest is professor and researcher CORNEL BAN, from Copenhagen Business School.

The RSS series podcast can be found here.

The meeting will take place in English and will be moderated by Ștefan Baghiu.

„In the 1970s French complexity theorist Edgar Morin identified a new kind of global challenge: threads of mutually reinforcing, unpredictable, and exponentially escalating crises, each with their own temporality, were converging on both sides of the Cold War divide. With a new Cold War now gaining momentum, the sense of ‘polycrisis’ has returned with a vengeance, prompting polymath intellectual Adam Tooze to revive the term for the current moment. Nevertheless, Tooze’s account leaves some nagging questions unaddressed: How conceptually distinctive is today’s polycrisis from that of the 1970s? Is our polycrisis simply different in terms of severity or is it a structurally distinct historical situation?

Can we draw any lessons from the denouement of the dramas of the 1970s and 1980s? And most importantly: is our treatment of this situation as anomalous animated by the unrealistic fantasy of a return to the comforts of the 1990s and 2000’s, even as the liberal western Great Moderation was both unreplicable and replete with contradictions, resting as it did on the deployment of economics (and Wall Street) to pacify politics using the peace dividend bestowed by the end of the Soviet challenge?”.

Cornel Ban

This work was supported by the project "Philosophy in Late Socialist Europe: Theoretical Practices in the Face of Polycrisis" financed by the European Union - NextgenerationEU and the Government of Romania, within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for Romania, contract no. 760044//23.05.2023, code PNRR-C9-I8-CF104/15.11.2022, through the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, within Component 9, Investment I8.

The main partner of is ERSTE Stiftung.

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