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Results of Artist-in-Residence programme at Q21/MuseumsQuartier in Vienna in 2022

Five curators and artists from five countries were selected for the programme

The Artist-in-Residence Programme at Q21/MuseumsQuartier in Vienna is part of ERSTE Foundation’s long-termed endeavor to support contemporary art and to strengthen the situation of its creators, especially in the region of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The residence program is realized together by tranzit, Igor Zabel Association and Kontakt Collection. Kontakt Collection will collaborate with the Zagreb based WHW Akademija.

The residencies are designed for artists, curators and theoreticians from Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovak Republic and Slovenia working in the field of contemporary visual art to do research in their respective area. The research character of the residence should make it possible to take a break from the everyday strenuous production pressure and find time to concentrate on a specific interest. The participants are given the opportunity to live and work for the period of two months in one of the MuseumsQuartier studios right in the heart of Vienna.

Together with its long-time project partners from,,,, Igor Zabel Association and Kontakt Collection/WHW Akademija, ERSTE Foundation forms the jury to select the participants.

In 2022, we are pleased to host the following artists and curators in residence at Q21/MuseumsQuartier in Vienna:

January – February 2022
Rita Süveges from Hungary

March – April 2022
Sara Salamon from Croatia

May – June 2022
Lenka Klodová from Czech Republic

July – August 2022
Gloria Luca from Romania

September – October 2022
Jošt Franko from Slovenia

November – December 2022
Juraj Mydla from Slovak Republic

Photo credit: (c) Q21