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Artist-in-Residence Programme at Q21/MuseumsQuartier in Vienna


The call is open between 21 October – 6 December 2020.

Duration of residency: 2 months

The Artist-in-Residence Programme at Q21/MuseumsQuartier in Vienna is part of ERSTE Foundation’s long-termed endeavour to support contemporary art and to strengthen the situation of its creators, especially in the region of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The residence program is realized together by tranzit, Igor Zabel Association and Kontakt Collection. Kontakt Collection will collaborate with the Zagreb based WHW Akademija.

The residencies are designed for artists, curators and theoreticians from Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovak Republic and Slovenia working in the field of contemporary visual art to do research in their respective area. The research character of the residence should make it possible to take a break from the everyday strenuous production pressure and find time to concentrate on a specific interest. The participants are given the opportunity to live and work for the period of two months in one of the Museums Quartier studios right in the heart of Vienna. The apartments offer both living and working space, but do not provide room for large-scale artistic works.

During the stay various meeting possibilities are offered to the participants. Each residence grants a monthly stipend of EUR 1.050,-.

Together with its long-time project partners from,,,, Igor Zabel Association and Kontakt Collection/ WHW Akademija, ERSTE Foundation forms the jury to select the participants.

Applications have to include the following two documents:

1.) Complete digital application form, including the following information:
• Your contact information
• Letter of intent explaining why you apply, what you expect from taking part in the course and why you think you are qualified for participation (max. 5000 characters)
• Brief informative curriculum vitae (max. 1 page)
2.) Portfolio (max. 10 MB)

Please download the application form here.

Please note:
• Accepted candidates are required to use the residence in its full length during the following fixed periods:

for Slovak Republic:
May – June 2021

for Slovenia:
July – August 2021

for Czech Republic:
September – October 2021

for Hungary:
October – November 2021

for Croatia:
October – November 2021

for Romania:
November–December 2021

• One participant from each country will be selected

• Applicants who have already received this residence in recent years or have previously participated in our Fellowships for Curators and Artists at Salzburg Summer Academy will not be given priority.

• Applicants are asked to hand in a written report after completion of the residence.

• The correct application form is required (please see above for download link), other application formats cannot be accepted. All documents must be sent as PDF.

Applications are accepted only in English and by e-mail until: 6.12.2020

Please send your application with subject "Q21/MQ AiR 2021" to:

Selected participants will be notified latest until end of January 2021.

For further questions, please contact Michaela Geboltsberger/

(c) Eva Puella, Artist-in-Residence Studio 904, Q21/MuseumsQuartier Wien
In cooperation with Christine König Gallery. Furniture concept: Valentin Ruhry