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Exhibition Andrei Dinu

“Crimes are abolished. Only passions remain.*” București organises from 20th of September to 31st of October 2021 the project “Crimes are abolished. Only passions remain.*” Exhibitions and intersections, Paris Viitorului [Paris Future], a project co-financed by Bucharest City Council through ARCUB within the Programme Bucharest – Open City 2021

“Crimes are abolished. Only passions remain.” is a project developed over six weeks in Paris Viitorului space, and presents a succession of six exhibitions with the following artists: Claudiu Cobilanschi (20 - 26 September), Ioana Gheorghiu (27 September - 3 October), Andrei Dinu (4 - 10 October), Ioana Stanca (11 - 17 October), Adelina Ivan (18 - 24 October), Alina Lupu (25 - 31 October).
The third exhibition opens on the 5th of October 2021, from 5 to 8 p.m. and presents works by Andrei Dinu.

Prosper Center Context Store

The exhibition revisits clothing pieces realised as Prosper Center brand, highlighted by the vitrine-space on Viitorului street. The clothes use materials and elements with local histories (embroideries, tapestries, duvets), assembled and modified, which comment on the relationship between body and memory. In the exhibition these elements are brought in dialogue with the original object they originate from, abstractly rebuilt around the new objects they are now part of.

Reusing and recycling these elements and, often abandoned, decorative pieces from daily life, endows them with a new life and the possibility to be used in a different form. Thus, the clothes’ fabrication distances itself from the mass production mode of fashion, with some of them becoming unique. The hybridity of the clothing pieces materialize a constant dialogue with the past, albeit a past interpreted and rebuilt for the future.

Prosper Center is a Romanian brand that nurtures an ongoing exchange of influences between fashion and the wider society, in a considerate and sustainable way.
The pieces of clothing are locally produced and inspired by their surroundings, mixing global street fashion with complex Eastern European aesthetics, reflecting contradictory and diverse information flows like ourselves.
Prosper Center deconstructs and reassembles parts of garments and patterns into a mix of performative streetwear. The pieces recombine elements of recreational wear while also adding a theatrical, stage-like feature that reflects the increasingly fictional nature of our reality. The designs often use cross-stitch embroideries inspired by computer games, popular culture, politics, artworks and stock market graphics which are embedded as decorative commentary on a non-chronological time, where past, present and future come together into one hybrid image. In 2016 Prosper Center collaborated on a fashion collection withși art space, which was presented at Sala Polivalentă in Iasi, and in 2017 it presented its Spring Summer 2018 collection during Mercedes Benz Fashion Days Kyiv. In the same year the designer behind the brand, Andrei Dinu, was nominated for the Best Young Designer by Elle Magazine.

Andrei Dinu is the designer of the fashion brand Prosper Center and the interior design project Atelier Brut. He collaborated with artist Alexandra Pirici on various works including “Signals” for Berlin Biennale 9, “Aggregate” at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein in 2017 and “Co-natural” at the New Museum New York 2018. He has also worked with theater directors and choreographers such as Gianina Cărbunariu, Farid Fairuz, Alexandru Berceanu. In 2011 he was the designer of the Romanian pavilion at the “Prague Quadriennal of Performance Design and Space”.

The project takes place in a new space, Paris Viitorului, on Mihai Eminescu Street (corner with Viitorului Street), sector 2, Bucharest, as well as in the neighbourhood around.

Paris Viitorului is a project by Raluca Popa and Raluca Voinea. A vitrine space for contemporary art and encounters with the city, the space is a gallery, a shop-window, a closet, a resonance box, a landmark (Eminescu, corner with Viitorului), a place of observation and anticipation, and an invitation to reflection upon the city as another world: a world of possibilities and imagination, of diverse familiarities, of critical positioning towards the past, of confidence in the future.

The exhibition can be visited by appointment to, on the basis of Covid green certificate and can also be seen from the street throughout its duration.

In complementarity to the exhibitions that are part of the project “Crimes are abolished. Only passions remain.” there will take place dialogue sessions with students, as well as a series of urban walks in the neighbourhoods around the space, guided by Florin Dumitrescu, Alice Gancevici & Remus Pușcariu, V. Leac, Mara Mărăcinescu, Rucsandra Pop, Ioana Tudora.

For Andrei Dinu’s exhibition, the students involved are Octavia Anghel, from the MA in "Image Theory and Practice" at the Centre of Excellence for the Study of Image and Alina Codin, from the MA in Fashion at the Arts University in Bucharest.

The project’s team: Raluca Popa, Raluca Voinea, Iuliana Dumitru, Edi Constantin
Partners: UNArte, CESI, Modulab, Zeppelin
ERSTE Foundation is the main partner of

A project co-financed by Bucharest City Council through ARCUB within the Programme Bucharest – Open City 2021. The content of this material does not necessarily reflect the official position of Bucharest City Council or ARCUB.

*Both the project title and the name of the space are inspired from the book “Un autre monde”, of the 19th century French author and illustrator, J.J. Grandville.

Andrei Dinu: Prosper Center. Photo by Alexandra Pirici

Crimes are abolished. Only passions remain.