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Daydream for a Countryside in Town

An intervention by the group Les Pas Perdus

Daydream for a countryside in town
Initiated by the group of visual artists Les Pas Perdus – Guy-André Lagesse, Nicolas Barthélemy, Jérôme Rigaut in the framework of the France-Romania Season 2018/2019 and the Night of the museums 2019

Opening: Saturday 18 May 2019 from 8 p.m. to midnight
The intervention will remain visible in the Tranzit Garden until the 18th of June 2019 Bucuresti, Str. Gazelei 44, sector 4

Daydream for a countryside in town is a collaborative process that leads to a new in-situ art work, in the Tranzit Garden in the heart of south Bucharest popular neighbourhood. This proposition, using fancy forms, "bricolage", assembled and re-used objects and ordinary patterns, emerges in response to some form of social and environmental disequilibrium.

"Our proposal will present some aspects of a home, which will have some obvious forms while resonating with a more poetical way of living. Nevertheless, unlike the usual houses in which one enters, for this one the inside is shown outside. Cuts into the wall and slopes of the roof will physically enable one to be in the middle of the house while still being outside… A very low house where the elements from the inside will be hung or fixed on the outer walls and on the roof. In short, a Hedgehog House from which spring up objects and artefacts like quills on a roof top. In the nearby Rahova district, modern high rise buildings sometimes have that appearance through the use of satellite dishes, where each inhabitant directs the antenna in the same direction as his neighbours. With Hedgehog House, our intention is rather in emitting certain wavelengths calling for exchanges, beyond distinction between nature and culture." Guy-André Lagesse