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Workshop & competition: Civil Society Pitch

Powered by One World Romania

14-16 October 2016

tranzit. ro/ București, Str. Gazelei nr. 44, sector 4

The follow-up workshop Civil Society Pitch is dedicated to the three teams (documentary film directors and human rights activists) formed as a result of the pitching & speed-dating session in March 2016 during One World Romania- International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. The teams are currently developing new Romanian quality documentary films around topics related to human rights issues, suggested by civil society members. One World Romania experts will help each team to outline a realistic production and financing plan for their documentary film projects. The main event of the workshop will be the closing session, when the experts will award a 4000 euro prize to the team with the best proposal for further development of their documentary film.

Projects participating in the competition:

“Dennis’ Journey”/ Team: Mihai Bauman (director), Mircea Olivian (Dennis) and Marina Țupran (activists)
A personal journey of self-discovery of a Turkish Roma sets the ground for an exploration into the past, present and future of Muslims in Romania.

“Fences”/ Team: Pataki Farkas (director), Adi Dohotaru (co-director, activist)
Romanians have a manic relationship with fences, which mushroom around both private and public spaces. Who do they secure themselves against? Who is on the other side of the fence? How do fences fragment public space? Why fences instead of gates or bridges?

“The Invisible”/ Team: Iulia Stoian (director), Centrul FILIA and Funky Citizens
How does it feel to be legally invisible for the state you are living in?

Civil Society Pitch project is financially supported by the Romanian Ministry of Culture, ACCES program.