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Local Goddesses

Local Goddesses welcome you to: 3 performance workshops (March 17th – April 12th 2016)

During March-April we will use the Tranzit space as place for meeting and practicing some performance exercises. If you wish to participate to our meetings and to work alongside on a few themes (listed below), please send an email to

Within the group and during the workshops we do not accept any form of discriminatory approaches (related to gender, race, sexuality, class, dis/ability and so on).

1. Reading and Duration – workshop of reading performance
Thursday March 17th 4-7 pm.

Exercise 1: to read without understanding
… anything from speculative realism to mesoporous materials, from furniture assembly diagrams to the Old Testament or to texts in an unknown language. This is an exercise we often had to practice in school, and we still do it daily, because we must, first and foremost, never show that we do not understand what is being said or put on paper, in order to not get hurt, accused of the incapacity to reproduce words.
For this exercise each of us needs a short text fragment (1 page maximum) that we do not understand. At all. Yet we are supposed to grasp it, without a doubt, we nod as if: obviously. And we will read it aloud.


Exercise 2: Duration//sharing space
For 1 hour, we will make a collective exercise of memorization. Each of us needs to bring a text of their choice and, alongside all the others, in loud voice, whispering or in silence, we will make the effort to memorize as much of it as possible, while sharing the same space of the gallery. In the end, we will discuss the choice of texts. This is an exercise in sharing space, negotiating distances, being together yet isolated. We are reminded of the fast forward learning spree before exams and of the hierarchy established by the ability to memorize things quickly.

2. Any given object – workshop of performance with objects (dates to be announced)

In art school one could find in any studio, no matter the specialization of the departments, the obligatory corner filled with objects ready to be assembled for studies of drawing and color. Usually: a few mugs, one or two gourds, some pieces of cloth, a cube, a sphere, some glass bottles, other odds and ends. Besides them, another object: the body – of a classmate, of a model payed extra “for shame”, or our own body, in photographs or mirrors.
Object-based performances are classical types of actions, specific to the 50s-70s when standardized structures of representation were breaking and extending into installations and interventions.
In the end objects have been and always will be integrated in performances.
For one afternoon we will work with objects that we bring or find, with “anything”. Especially with anything.

3. Personal experiences and Generic Stuff – workshop of performance theory. (dates to be announced)

And finally, we reconvene to read some texts, interpret them and see whether they fit or make any sense.