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Azuga Summer School

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This summer, București has the privilege and the joy of being partner of the project “Azuga Summer School”:

1-9 August 2014
Azuga, Prahova county

In the period 1-9 August there takes place the third edition of Azuga Summer School, an annual project of cultural intervention and education through art initiated in 2012 by the choreographers Mihaela Dancs and Mădălina Dan, accompanied as a producer by Ștefania Ferchedău.

Approximately 30 children with ages between 6 and 14 years will participate at two workshops programmed this year, taking place in venues of the Azuga Theoretic High-school the project local partner.

The performer Mircea Ghinea will lead a special class of hip hop, aiming at the valorization of physicality and the development of children’s sense for dance and movement. Simona Ghiță will propose exercises of theatre improvisation through which children educate their spontaneity and the capacity of working in teams through means specific to the verbal and non-verbal language. On the 9th of August the workshops will be open to the local public in Azuga.

The 2014 edition of Azuga Summer School is organized with the support of the Sintagma Centre for Education and Training.

Partner: București.