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Art & Reciprocity

Workshop led by Erik Hagoort

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An event which accompanies the residency of students from the MFA St. Joost Den Bosch, NL at Bucharest Air
Time: 12 & 13 April 2014 București, Str. Gazelei, nr. 44, sector 4

The workshop is open to participants; you can register by email: (Ioana Gheorghiu).

Art & Reciprocity is a workshop proposed and led by Erik Hagoort, a hands-on workshop to explore reciprocity in social art practice. The aim is to develop a sensibility for the dynamics of reciprocity, in three sessions: Theory > Practice > Play

- What is reciprocity? How does it work? What are its dynamics?
- Why does reciprocity appeal so much to contemporary artists?
- Do social art practices indeed hold the promise of reciprocity?
- Do social art practices also question, criticize, or contest reciprocity? And if so, how?

Erik Hagoort (born in 1962, based in the Netherlands) is a theorist, curator and tutor at the master fine art course of the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost in Den Bosch/ Breda, the Netherlands.

The two-year master programme Fine Arts at AKV | St.Joost supports artists in their ambition to deepen and strengthen their practice. The programme provides students with an enhanced foundation for a lifelong career as an artist.

Bucharest Air, established in 2010, functions as a non-profit organization, ran and managed by artists Tudor Bratu, Alice Gancevici, Remus Puscariu, and Ioana Gheorghiu. Bucharest Air aims at generating and maintaining a high level platform for cultural exchange in Bucharest.