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Atelier Popular. New Images of Politics.

The students and workers revolts in May 68 remained in history, continuing to be a visual model even today for the revolt and resistance movements throughout the world, not least due to the artists’ imagination. In the so-called “popular workshops”, young artists, especially students in Fine Arts have given shape and name to the civic discontent and desires, helping, as professionals (in the making) of expressivity, to formulate and communicate these demands not only to the authorities but also within the very protest movements: art as political expression as such.

The artists of the historic avant-garde, as exceptional personalities (of the Romantic kind) had taken on their own the idea of revolution. In May 68 artists have joyfully accepted the anonymity of popular creativity. Today, creativity seems to have become the appanage of anyone, the artists, with their expressive and artistic expertise becoming expendable. Does the people need artists, can artists make themselves useful as creators of image and imaginary in the frame of the current global wave of claiming an open and direct access to political decisions?
Bogdan Ghiu

26 November – 14:00-18:00h
Theoretical workshop with Bogdan Ghiu + conceiving and preparing some posters. Short introduction in the history of posters, by Octav Avramescu.

27 November – 14:00-18:00h
Practical workshop of silkscreen posters making, together with Octav Avramescu and Bogdan Ghiu.

A selection of these posters will be presented in the exhibition Km0, which opens in the Bucuresti space on the 30th of November 2012.

Workshop coordination: Raluca Voinea and Alexandra Croitoru.