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Resilience Governance through Commons

Webinar organised by atelier d’architecture autogérée & Remix the Commons

The first C4R seminar organised by AAA, Remix the Commons and and other C4R partners and collaborators (CASCO,, NetHood) focuses on the concept of resilience governance.

The seminar proposes to compare a diversity of experiences of governance within civic cultural institutions as well as within resilience networks at different scales. This will open the field of reflection and experimentation on commons-based resilience through a process of semantic mapping and database creation.


Introduction of the seminar in the context of the Culture for Resilience (C4R) project

Presentations of a series of experiences of resilience governance through commons:

ZAD de Notre Dame des Landes (Isabelle Fremeaux, FR)
Fédération Murs à Pêche de Montreuil (Clément Girard, FR)
Agrocite Bagneux (Pascale Maker/ Constantin Petcou, FR)
CLTBruxelles (Sophie Ghyselen, BE)
MOBA Housing SCE (Ana Džokić/ Marc Neelen, RS/NL)
Asilo Filangeri (Angela Osorio, IT)
NetHood (Ileana Apostol, CH)
Transition Vallée de la Bièvre (Simon Burkovic, FR)
R-Urban (Doina Petrescu/Andreas Lang FR/UK)
Transition Town (tbc)
DisCO (Stacco Troncoso, ES)
Remix the commons / Chartes des communs urbains (Frederic Sultan, FR)
femProcomuns (Monica Garriga, ES)


Maria Francesca De Tullio /Assilo Fillangeri (IT)
David Bollier / Schumacher Center (USA)

In a context of urgency due to Climate Change, C4R aims to strengthen the action of a wide range of actors (citizens, professionals of the creative and cultural sector, public administrations, local associations) working on environmental and urban resilience issues.

The C4R project proposes a holistic approach to resilience using immersive cultural practices and collaborative tools as bridges to increase resilience, diversify modes of involvement in "territorial empowerment" and promote capacity building, creativity and education in peripheral territories.

The project has been supported by the EC's Creative Europe - Culture programme (2020-22) and is carried out by a collective of 4 partners:

Atelier d'Architecture Autogérée (FR)

Casco Art Institute (NL) (RO)

Nethood (CH)

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