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Housing - right or commodity. What is to be done?

First workshop: Thursday, 16th of March 2017, 6 pm Cluj,
Str. Brassai Sámuel, nr. 5

Under the title “Housing - right or commodity. What is to be done?” the first in the series of four workshop problematize the transformation of the political economy of housing for the past two decades. Processes as privatization, gentrification and financialisation have led to the commodification of housing, contributing to capital accumulation in parallel with the dispossession of numerous people. We intend to discuss these processes drawing on critical urban theory as well as on a concrete case study in Cluj. The ideological and political stakes of the workshop are to articulate arguments and to identify strategies aimed at de-commodifying housing.

The workshop series is organized within the project “Strengthening the Housing Justice Coalition in Romania through reframing the political claims for public housing” of Desire Foundation (Cluj) in partnership with Cluj.

The project is coordinated by Simona Ciotlăuș and Noémi Magyari.

Supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Belgrade Office).