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CORNER football + society #2


CORNER is a publication that approaches football from an interdisciplinary perspective, focusing on context and language. The second issue of the magazine opens a series of subjects such as the representation of sport in art history, cinematography, FIFA, biochemistry, high-performance, privatization, feminine football, archives, horoscope, language and situations, memory and context, mass phenomena, community and self-representation, sport and political theory.

ISSN 2501-5559

Edited by: Dana Andrei, Sorin Popescu, Paul Breazu, Raluca Voinea
With contributions by: Ion Grigorescu, V. Leac, Andrei Mihail, Ion Dumitrescu, Florin Oprea, Ben Shave, Octav Avramescu, Aurel Dula
Design: Paul
Printed by IDEA design & print
Special thanks: Alin Oprea, Simona Chiorean, Tim Nădășan
Photo Credits: Page 6, Ioana Tudora; Page 10,