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CORNER football + society #3


CORNER is a publication that approaches football from an interdisciplinary perspective, focusing on context and language. The third issue of the magazine opens a series of subjects such as the intersection of mass-architecture with technology, security and spectacle, the local context and perception of football through personal narratives, the shift of nationalism, the construction of myths, technologization of humans in professional gymnastics, the overlapping of hooligans, drugs and electronic music.

ISSN 2501-5559

Edited by: Dana Andrei, Sorin Popescu, Paul Breazu, Raluca Voinea
With contributions by: Sergiu Sas, Bogdan Ghiu, Ovidiu Pop, Monotremu, Pompiliu-Nicolae Constantin, Vasile Mihalache, Matei Sâmihăian, Enric Fort Ballester, Rapid Apartment Museum (Gheorghe Scurtu)
Design: Paul
Printed by IDEA design & print
Special thanks: Simona Chiorean, P U N C H, Anthony Frost, Cele mai frumoase cărţi
Photo Credits: Mihai Sălăjan – Cover, Laura Nicula – Page 2, Dinu Lazăr – Page 4, Octavian Pescaru personal archive – Page 8



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