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CORNER football + society #8


In issue #8, Florin Poenaru offers an extensive analysis of media - the evolution of technology is mutually modeled with the development and reception of football, and Paul Breazu overlaps electronic music, physical and political culture in USSR during the 80s in a review of the PULS record series. Cristina Mitola, coach and former footballer, shares her life experience on the football field, in the locker room and with her foot on the ball. Focusing on the local scene, Iuliana Dumitru x-rays table tennis history in conversation with the player Ella Zeller-Constantinescu and Mircea Olivian opens the discussion about the representation of Roma people in Romanian football. Less present in discussions about sports, blind football is a medium with specific rules with an official history of over 25 years; Florin Kovacs and Tiberiu Păun, players of the national team, are represented in the poster made by Mona Vătămanu and Florin Tudor. În Chișinău, a fight for public space is happening between local civic initiatives on one side and local authorities and the US Embassy on the other side - Vlada Ciobanu tells the story of the citizen’s initiative The Stadium is Republican, and Pavel Brăila performs history with the help of the public.

Editorial board: Raluca Voinea, Iuliana Dumitru, Dana Andrei, Sorin Popescu, Paul Breazu

Corner 8 with contributions by: Decebal Cojoc / Romfilatelia, Cristina Mitola, Iuliana Dumitru, Paul Breazu, Mircea Olivian, Mona Vătămanu și Florin Tudor, Florin Poenaru, Vlada Ciobanu, Pavel Brăila

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