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This publication includes two independent projects, that of Cristina David and that of Cezar Lăzărescu, two contemporary visual artists from different generations who live and work in Romania – in Bucharest and in Iaşi, respectively.

The volume about Cezar Lăzărescu, the "secret agent" of the '90s generation in Romanian contemporary art, may be viewed as a reflection of a patchy vision of history, be it personal history or any of the possible social and political histories he might come across. Drawing inspiration from his work "Îmbătrânirea hârtiei" ("The aging of paper"), published in a fanzine in 2004, the white pages of this publication only function in the future, their measure being the time the paper ages, starting with the moment it is inserted in the book.

Cristina David's volume "Falsuri" ("Fakes") brings together her professional correspondence from the period she spent as a resident at Iaşi; this residency opened a new chapter capitol of artistic residencies in the city of Iaşi. The decision to invite Cristina David was made, paradoxically, immediately after her application (which at the time bore the title "Another Kind of Applications / Altfel de Aplicaţii"), designed on purpose as a response to the AiR MQ 2013 call for applications made by and the ERSTE Foundation, had been rejected.

English/ Romanian Edition
Authors: Cezar LĂZĂRESCU | Cristina DAVID
Editors: Livia PANCU & Florin BOBU
Translated by: Sorana LUPU
Publisher: Iași, 2014
Distributor: Iași,
Design: Andrei TIMOFTE
City: Iași
Year: 2014
ISBN/ISSN: 978-606-93856-0-9 | 978-606-93856-1-6 I 978-606-93856-2-3
Price: 10 euro donation recommended

Special Notes: This Publication is part of the project: Artist Book: Cristina DAVID / Cezar LĂZĂRESCU and it is realised with the finnacial support of the Iaşi County Council, through the 2014 Programme for non-reimbursable funding granted by the Iaşi County budget.

© 2014 Cristina DAVID | Cezar LĂZĂRESCU | Iași | 1+1

Pages: 304; 312

Publication concept: Livia PANCU & 1+1
Green volume concept: Cristina DAVID
Orange volume concept: Cezar LĂZĂRESCU

Thanks to: Sorana LUPU, Andrei TIMOFTE, Luminița APOSTU, Oana Maria NAE, Raluca VOINEA și Andrei GAVRIL Iași team: Livia PANCU, Delia BULGARU și Florin BOBU