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European Forum for Advanced Practices - EFAP

Meeting of Workgroup “Contexts”, in the Azores Islands
17-20 July 2023

The European Forum for Advanced Practices (EFAP) is an open and inclusive research network originating from universities, NGOs and community-based organisations, independent research entities, museums, and a wide range of arts academies. EFAP’s broad goal is to establish a dialog across the boundaries that often separate these contexts and to promote exchange with a focus on emergent forms of artistic- and practice-based research. EFAP proposes an open notion of Advanced Practices that deliberately combine methods and practices from numerous disciplines.

The Forum was initiated by Irit Rogoff and Florian Schneider and functioned informally between 2017-2019, being turned into a European network from 2019 to 2013, as a COST action funded by the EU. was one of the organisations involved in the working group “Contexts”, coordinated by Ines Moreira and hosted in 2019 one of the group meetings, in Bucharest. The group continued to meet in the digital sphere during the Covid-19 pandemic, and then resumed the physical meetings in peripheral places of Europe: Malta, Estonia, Portugal and Spain. The meeting in the Azores Islands takes place in order to finalise a hybrid-publication conceived by the group members, “Nomadic Research at the Fringes - Contexts of Advanced Practices”.

EFAP is a COST Action, funded by the Horizon Europe Framework Programme of the European Union.