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HomeFest 2.0

HomeFest is the first artistic festival that happens in lived spaces - houses and flats. If the town hall is busy with the facades, we are proposing you interior arrangements through theatre and dance performances, lectures, workshops and concerts. Starting with 2014, HomeFest brings art in the domestic area by transforming living rooms and bedrooms in performing scenes, which is a nice way to meet neighbors somewhere else besides the staircases and the market. HomeFest means homemade culture.

At HomeFest, the viewers have the chance to experience an original cultural experience right where they live or very close by. Between the artists and the audience there is a closer and more direct relation which defies the conventional spaces and the neighbors, the public and those invited to the events can interact and can develop a closer relation to the area where they live. The spaces are made available by the volunteering hosts and they enjoy transforming the living space in one opened to art.

You are more than welcomed to join us from October 17 to 24, 2015 to the second edition of this festival.

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