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Dialysis – an event by Kinga Tóth

11 May 2018, 8 pm Cluj,
Brassai Sámuel St, no 5

The series INFRAREALITIES of continues with DIALYSIS – a discussion with visual extras and noise (music).

What is common in a pneumatic organ, a wooden ballerina or in a sick body? How do we perceive form? What is the form in all of three? With the help of Kinga Tóth (author of Allmaschine, Wir bauen eine Stadt and recently, Holdvilágképűek) we will discuss but also sense what from an ordinary point of view is called sonic, visual and textual and we may also see how the changes in their parameters result in a perception which is out of the ordinary.

During the evening, the textual body gets a life and remains in constant changes. It mutates. We will try to unfold this oscillation around us and liberate our perception from an only-human conscience which prohibits us from seeing the things as they are or as they could be? We will go under and above the normal, it will slow down or speed up. A richness of sensory perception awaits us, which, we hope can be a mean of empowerment and thus it is to be shared.

Poetry workshop: Saturday, 12th of May
- 10 am for high school students;
- 1 pm for university students.

The workshops will be held in Hungarian.

Address: Brassai Sámuel St. 5 ( Cluj)

Performance: Saturday, 12th of May at 7 pm - Kinga Tóth and Örs Székely will continue their discussion on a musical level, with the use of human voice and an organ.

Address: Str. Horea, nr. 53 (Reformed Church of Hídelve)

INFRAREALITIES is coordinated by Örs Székely - poet, translator, editor of the social and critical portal

The main partner of is ERSTE Foundation.