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PAC is back! – Autonomous Market #17

19th of November 2017
13:12 am – 5 pm

tranzit. ro/ Cluj
Brassai Samuel St, no 5

The food will be made with ingredients received, as signs of solidarity, from local producers who sell their vegetables in Cluj green markets. The menu will be vegan (100% vegetables) because we don’t want to be part of an oppressive system where the environment is destroyed and animals exploited for the human comfort and profit. Thus, almost everyone can serve a hot meal regardless the diet.

There will be, like always, free services and things and we are all invited to participate. We can bring from home things we don’t need or we could spare (clothes, books, blankets, toys, anything others could use) or we could take anything we really need.

We will discuss about our rights while using public transport and how we can avoid getting a fine. If you want to hold a workshop let everyone know on the event page or on the spot.

Don’t forget money are neither NECESSARY, nor WELCOME!

The Autonomous Market of Cluj functions on the "gift economy" principle, in which goods and services are offered without an explicit agreement or expectations of a reward. Ideally, these exchanges already take place voluntarily in a community and they help on building up social relationships. Not everything is resumed to obtaining a social advantage or profit, the majority of exchanges in a society work outside the market economy, and are based on goodwill and cooperation.

Autonomous Market's Manifesto