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The Library of the Chosen Ones

a project by Predestinati pentru Rai group

29 November 2015 – 28 February 2016

The Library of the Chosen Ones is a travelling collection of various printed matters which has the expression ‘the chosen one(s)’ in their title. Within this nomadic, transnational research project, the artists try to collect and distribute all the possible public comments, statements, images, which already exist in this topic. By collecting and juxtaposing written texts and other media the p.r. group proposes to create a platform for comparison and interconnection of the varied fields, disciplines represented by these publications. The exclusive gathering space for all the chosen ones gives the possibility to make the plurality of these privileged groups visible. The Library of the Chosen Ones thus reveals the self-contradictory nature of groups that imagine themselves as chosen ones and questions the assumption of a transcendental power that shapes history, identity and attitude towards the so called others.

The Library will be travelling on a wood chariot few days in the city of Cluj, than will be visible and open to the public at tranzit. ro/Cluj until the middle of February 2016.

The visiting program in the public space:

4th December 2015
10:00-14:00 h at the crossroads of strada Cuza Vodă and strada Arges (in front of the McDonald’s)

5th December 2015
10:00-14:00 h in front of the Central Supermarket

6th December 2015
10:00-14:00 h at Piata Unirii

In the period 8- 17 of December, the library can be visited in the tranzit. ro/ Cluj space, from Tuesday - Thursday, between 3-6 pm.

Additional events connected to the project will be announced soon on.

The project is part of Fiction, Rhetoric, Facts program developed by tranzit. ro starting with 2012.